GOLZAR ETTESAL TRADING COMPANY has established its business in Iran in 2005 and is one of the leading companies in the field of lever sanitary faucet, sink faucet, sliding shower set, automatic basin faucet, angle valve, hose, cabinet basin, etc. and progressively has broaden its scope of activity so that today is an internationally famous company and one of the largest and most reliable importers of sanitary and building fittings. Golzar Etesal Co. commitment to innovation and superior quality of its product as well as continuous relationship with experts and advisors in this industry has earned this company the European Standard EN817 certificate and ISO 2004, ISO 2000, ISO 9001 quality assurance certificates for ALPS brand as well as EN817 and EN200 standard certificates for VISENTIN brand.

Company’s scope of work include import and supply of the best international brands with the state of the art technology, the production facilities and the quality and safety control to ensure the design and production quality.
Furthermore, we seek to establish strong and long-lasting relationship with our respected customer through employing modern methods in operation management and customer relationship management.
We are concerned about the growing importance of water at the moment and its enormous significance in the future and consequently provide you with the devices for water saving while preserving sufficient water pressure.
Golzar Ettesal trading Co. constantly attempts to play a principle role in the improvement of our people’s life quality and health through the import of best products.
ALPS sanitary faucets (under the license of Spain):
ALPS sanitary faucets with 5 years guarantee (Golzar Ettesal) has found its position in our competitive market and is currently considered one of the best premium brands for providing high-quality faucets with great diversity in Tehran and other cities.
State of the art technology, premium quality and company’s efforts to preserve and improve the quality has paved the way of this company in Iranian market which has been welcomed by consumers.
ALPS certificates:
–    NF (France)
–    ETA (Denmark)
–    AENOR (Spain)
–    IAPMO (U.S.)
–    WATERMARK (Australia)
VISENTIN sanitary faucets (under the license of Italy)
Development and expansion of the company in recent years allowed it to be recognized as the most reliable importer in the field of sanitary and building faucets mainly because of state of the art technology for the processing of the new products. New solution by Golzar Etesal is a combination of research and design and is designed for those who are willing to use special products with highest level of technology, material quality, design, and performance.
Following the successful experience and customer satisfaction with ALPS sanitary faucets, Golzar Etesal was appointed as the exclusive representative of VISENTIN in order to provide his customers with luxury products. VISENTIN is the only brand among imported faucets that include free installation throughout the country. It should be mentioned that VISENTIN faucets have been used in luxurious building projects which is another glory for Golzar Ettesal trading Co.
Features that make distinctions
1-    Raw materials with standard certifications.
2-    Brass: brass type OT58 is used.
3-    Metal cleaners: which ensure the high stability of the product
4-    Cartridge: together with disks made from high quality ceramics having high durability
5-    Oil color: before using epoxy color, it is tested and chemical compounds sheets are employed.
6-    Benefiting from a unique plating for forming of special coatings (special plating)
VISENTIN certificates
–    SA (Australia)
–    NF (France)
–    ACS (England)
–    CE (European)
–    Etc.

ALMAR showers systems ( Made In Italy )

We’re a well-established Italian manufacturer of shower systems. Our entrepreneurial strength lies in the ability to anticipate trends, optimize production processes and privilege the quality of our products.

We guarantee high quality levels of performance in line with the main UNI ISO 9001-2008 standards thanks to last generation machinery and trained personnel. We offer our customers a complete range of services and counselling from CAD design to the final products availing ourselves of the know-how experience acquired during the years.

Our R&D department is focused on elegance, the functionality and the quality of the product. As result of advanced technology and persistent personnel training, our designers and technicians constantly develop new products and keep on improving with the pursuit of ensuring comfort to who will use the shower systems.


Our company pays particular attention to the most important global regulations.

Our systems are designed according to the ongoing features requested by institutions to give the consumer a safe product guaranteed over the time.

All our products are made of techno polymers approved by the strictest international regulations related to drinking water while metal components are made of raw materials in compliance with all environmental regulations.

We got in this way the most strict global product certifications for contact with drinking water and technical and functional features.
Golzar Ettesal trading Co. efforts to win customer satisfaction with products quality has allowed this company to achieve its goals.