About Me.

As an experienced executive support professional with a skill in software support, system/network technology, and project management, I have a deep understanding of leading software applications in the industry, including Veritas Backup Exec, VMware, Office 365, Azure, and AWS. My strong passion for customer relationships, as well as my ability to work on a wide range of platforms and explain complex software issues in easy-to-understand language, enables me to achieve excellent results both in team collaboration and independent work. With my strong eye for detail, creativity, and innovation in the IT field, I look forward to using my skills and experience in any organization that values excellence, innovation, and attention to detail.

.Key Skills.

Backup Solution 98%
Storage 59%
Virtualization 90%
Firewalls 90%
Communication 92%
Team Work 95%
R & D 80%
Microsoft 97%
Creativity 88%
Multi-Tasking 100%
Project Manager 90%